• Helps prevent premature ageing.
  • Helps fight the signs of ageing.
  • Boosts skin health for a radiant, glowing look.


Vierra-Marine Supreme Essence 55ml x 7 is an anti-ageing peptide power shot infused with marine collagen from the Tasman Sea and grapeseed extract from Australia’s Yarra Valley.


Renowned for its effectiveness, it helps in restructuring collagen network to firm the skin, helps in improving hydration levels to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps in brightening, whitening, and smoothing the skin.



Marine Peptide 12,800 mg – natural bioactive ingredients used in high-end nutricosmetic products, orally taken nutritional supplements, which provide skin rejuvenating benefits.


Grapeseed 20,000 mg – composed of a complex mixture of flavonoids, Vitamin E, linoleic acid and phenolic procyanidins, which are crucial in preventing premature ageing and fighting the signs of ageing. 


Made in Australia

Vierra Marine Supreme Essence 55ml*7bottles 深海勝肽膠原蛋白葡萄籽精華口服液 55ml*7瓶

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    • 有助於防止過早衰老。
    • 幫助對抗衰老的跡象。
    • 提升肌膚健康,煥發光彩,煥發光彩。


    Vierra-Marine Supreme Essence 55ml x 7是一種抗衰老肽類動力丸,注入塔斯曼海的海洋膠原蛋白和澳大利亞亞拉河谷的葡萄籽提取物。





    Marine Peptide 12,800毫克 - 天然生物活性成分,用於高端營養美容產品,口服營養補充劑,提供皮膚恢復活力的好處。


    葡萄籽20,000毫克 - 由黃酮類化合物,維生素E,亞油酸和酚類原花青素的複雜混合物組成,這對於防止過早衰老和對抗衰老跡象至關重要。



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