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Customs and import regulations vary widely between countries. Some of the products we sell via this website are prohibited for importation into certain countries. Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to be aware of all of the regulations specific to any given country.

It's entirely your responsibility to ensure that any goods which you order are not prohibited/restricted within your delivery country. LittleKiwiMarket accepts no liability for the refund/replacement of any goods or any costs relating to or arising from, the importation or confiscation of any goods by your country Customs Office or other government bodies. Likewise, any import duty or tax payable on your order is not our responsibility and is beyond our control.


If an order is returned to us by your countries import authorities in resalable condition, we'll refund you the value of the order less any postage costs incurred to us. We can't provide a refund until we've received the products back.


We don't provide refunds on parcels that are detained or confiscated at your countries customs due to containing items that are prohibited.

We accept no liability for any goods lost or stolen in transit outside of New Zealand.

每個國家的海關及進口管制條例是不同,這網店有一些產品是禁止進口到某些國家,我們不可能認識所有國家的管制條例。這是你的責任去知道那些產品是禁止/限制進口到你的國家。如果你的包裹被海關人員沒收或稅收等,LittleKiwiMarket 不會負上任何責任及不會作出退款或更換任何貨物。




We recommend you contact your local Customs Office for further information on import regulations in your country. For your convenience, please find following links to common international destinations we deliver to:


Australia 澳洲 

Canada 加拿大

China 中國 

Germany 德國  

Hong Kong 香港  

Japan 日本

Malaysia 馬來西亞

Singapore 新加坡

South Korea 南韓

Taiwan 台灣

United Kingdom 英國

United States of America 美國

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