Antipodes Kiwi Seed Gold Luminous Eye Cream contains pure 23K gold flakes which impart a warm, healthy glow whilst helping to calm stressed skin. New Zealand Kiwifruit oil, rich in Vitamin C adds immediate moisture, and softens fine lines. Revolutionary Vinanza grape antioxidant and kiwi fruit skin brighten and lighten the under-eye area.



  • Made in New Zealand
  • Ultra-rich Vitamin C 
  • Deeply hydrate & help soften fine lines
  • Shown to brighten skin
  • Helps to improve dark circles
  • Suited to most skin conditions



Smooth: Into the area around your eyes using clean fingertips. Apply at sunrise and sunset. 



  • External application only.
  • Patch test prior to use.
  • In the unlikely even of a reaction discontinue use and see your healthcare professional.
  • Recyclable glass.
  • Handle with care.
  • Store in cool, dark place below 21°C.
  • Colour and clarity may vary between products due to pure natural content.



Spring water (aqua), Avocado oil (persea gratissima), Glycerin, Cetearyl glucoside, Cetearyl , alcohol (coconut derived), Stearic acid (vegetable), Glyceryl stearate, Vitamin E (tocopherol), Sunflower seed oil (helianthus annuus), Sunflower 8322 (gold pearl) pigment, 

Dehydroacetic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Borage (borago officinalis) seed oil, Bisabolol

New Zealand Kiwifruit (actinida chinensis) seed oil, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Vinanza Grape (vitis vinifera) seed extract, Kiwi Fruit (actinida chinensis) skin extract, Gold (23K pure gold flakes)

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Gold Luminous Eye Cream Pure 23K Gold Flakes 30ml 純金臻至黃金眼霜

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  • Antipodes奇異果種子金光亮眼霜包含純淨的23K金片,可賦予溫暖,健康的光澤,同時有助於緩解壓力肌膚。新西蘭奇異果油,富含維生素C,可立即補充水分,軟化細紋。革命性的Vinanza葡萄抗氧化劑和奇異果皮能夠提亮並減輕眼下區域。

    • 新西蘭製造
    • 超豐富的維生素C
    • 深層滋潤並幫助柔化細紋。
    • 顯示可提亮膚色
    • 有助於改善黑眼圈
    • 適合大多數皮膚狀況






    泉水(水),鱷梨油(persea gratissima),甘油,鯨蠟硬脂酸苷,鯨蠟硬脂酸,醇(椰子衍生),硬脂酸(植物),甘油硬脂酸酯,維生素E(生育酚),葵花籽油(向日葵),向日葵8322(金珍珠)顏料,

    脫氫乙酸,苯甲醇,琉璃苣(borago officinalis)籽油,沒藥醇

    新西蘭獼猴桃(中華獼猴桃)籽油,馬爾堡長相思長白葡萄籽(Vitis vinifera)種子提取物,獼猴桃(中華獼猴桃)皮提取物,黃金(23K純金片)

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