Cemoy-21 Day Renew Serum 2ml x 21 contain highly active pyrolysis energy that decomposes and absorbs when blue light invades the skin. This serum provides effective blocking of blue light to avoid the blue light in attacking the skin cells and to promote the natural repair of skin cells. At the same time, the accumulated metabolites caused by the slow metabolism of the skin during the day will also be cleaned up at night. So 21-day good night essence is designed to make the skin cells and the “body clock” really “good night.” Let your skin feel the real “healthy skin care” with Cemoy- 21 Day Renew Serum.


Made in Australia


How to use

Apply Cemoy 21 Day Renew Serum to your fingertips and gently spread the product on cleansed face, neck, and décolletage area in circular motion. 

Cemoy 21 Day Renew Serum 2ml x 21 21天夜間安瓶精華液 2ml*21包

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  • Cemoy-21 Day Renew精華素2ml x 21含有高活性的熱分解能量,當藍光侵入皮膚時會分解並吸收。該血清可有效阻擋藍光,從而避免藍光攻擊皮膚細胞並促進皮膚細胞的自然修復。同時,白天皮膚新陳代謝緩慢引起的累積代謝物也將在夜間被清除。因此,設計21天的晚安香精可以使皮膚細胞和“人體鐘”真正“晚安”。 Cemoy-21天更新精華素讓您的皮膚真正感受到“健康的皮膚護理”。




    將Cemoy 21天更新精華素塗於指尖,然後以打圈的方式將產品輕輕散佈在清潔的臉部,頸部和肩周區域。

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