Chantelle Bio Placenta contains 100% pure active ovine placenta protein, sheep placenta extract, grape seed and vitamin E to protect the skin from premature aging, boost collagen production and help promote rapid healing to scars while triggering new cell regeneration. 



  • Contains 100% pure active ovine placenta protein, a rich source of skin nutrients and bio stimulants.
  • Ovine placenta protein renews aging skin by enhancing cell repair for a more enlivened complexion.
  • Sheep placenta extract helps to reduce age spots and pigmentation by inhibiting melanin release.


Chantelle Bio-Placenta Advanced promotes rapid healing and diminishes scars while triggering new cell regeneration. Grape seed and vitamin E are strong anti-oxidant ingredients, which helps protect the skin from premature aging, boost collagen production and thereby give the skin a more youthful and healthier appearance.


How to use:

Apply the appropriate amouint to a clean and dry face in the morning and at night. Each 10ml bottle should be used within a week.

Store: Replace cap and store in refrigerator after use.


Made in Australia

Chantelle Bio-Placenta Sheep Placenta Extract 澳洲濃縮羊胎素原液 10ml*6

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  • Chantelle Bio胎盤含有100%純活性羊胎素蛋白,羊胎盤提取物,葡萄籽和維生素E,可保護皮膚免於過早衰老,促進膠原蛋白的生成,並有助於促進疤痕的快速癒合,同時引發新的細胞再生。




    Chantelle Bio-Placenta Advanced促進快速癒合並減少疤痕,同時觸發新細胞再生。葡萄籽和維生素E是強效抗氧化成分,有助於保護皮膚免於過早老化,促進膠原蛋白的生成,從而使皮膚更年輕,更健康。