Chantelle Sydney's most popular items in a Luxury Gold Gift Set Box.


Package Includes


1. Chantelle Day Cream
2. Chantelle Eye Treatment Film
3. Chantelle Lotion
4. Chantelle Facial Treatment Essence


A great value gift for a loved one or yourself!


Set contains: 

Chantelle Sydney Day Cream (Facial All Day Treatment): Net 50g

Chantelle Facial All Day Treatment contains a truly remarkable moisturising complex of aloe vera, sheep placenta, jojoba oil, which would make skin softer, firmer and more hydrated, minimize the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, This exclusive formulation would improve skin elasticity and deeply nourish skin for suppleness and comfort.


Chantelle Eye Treatment Film: Net 15g

Chantelle Eye Treatment Film contains essential ingredients including placenta extract that reduce appearance of wrinkle and fine lines. This non-greasy, glycerine-rich formula penetrates instantly refines and gives soft and comfortable sensation.


Chantelle Facial Treatment Essence: Net 30ml

Chantelle Facial Treatment Essence contains a high level of placenta extract, which hydrates and firms skin, while enhancing cell repair for a more revitalising complex. Collagen further assists in lifting tired skin. It gently smoothens, and hydrates skin while enhancing cell renewal for a firmer, radiant and healthy glow.


Chantelle Lotion with Vitamin E: Net 100ml

Chantelle Lotion is one of the most exclusive formulations available in Australia, it provides deep nourishment and supplement for skin, and helps it stay soft and smooth. It is suitable for all skin types and age group.


Made in Australia


Chantelle Sheep Placenta Skincare Set 高級羊胎素護膚禮盒

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  • Chantelle Sydney最受歡迎的豪華金色禮盒套裝。




    1. Chantelle日霜
    2. Chantelle眼部護理薄膜
    3. Chantelle乳液
    4. Chantelle面部護理精華















    Chantelle Lotion是澳大利亞最獨特的配方之一,它為肌膚提供深層滋養和補充,並有助於保持柔軟和光滑。適合所有膚質和年齡組。



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