Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup may clear airways in the chest by loosening mucus and assisting the body with removing it from the respiratory tract. Soothes the airways and supports a healthy respiratory system. 


The specialist formulation combining traditional respiratory herbs including Mullein, Elecampane, White horehound and Marshmallow in a base of delicious Manuka honey. These herbs are naturally antiseptic and soothe irritation in the respiratory tract. Helps support easy breathing.  


Tastes great and is suitable for the whole family. 100% natural syrup. BioGro certified organic formula. Practitioner strength formulation. 


Made in New Zealand


How to use

Adults: 5-10ml

Children 6-12 Years: 2-5ml

Children 2-5 Years: 1-2ml

Infants under 2 Years: 0.25-0.5ml (5-10 drops)


Take up to three times daily. Dilute in 30ml of water or juice and drink immediately. Follow with a glass of water if required.

Shake well before use.



  • We recommend consulting a healthcare professional prior to use in children under 2 years of age and during pregnancy. 
  • If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup 200ml 有機草本止咳糖漿

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  • Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup可通過鬆弛粘液並幫助身體將其從呼吸道中移除來清除胸腔內的氣道。舒緩呼吸道並支持健康的呼吸系統。


    這種專業配方結合了傳統的呼吸草藥,包括Mullein,Elecampane,White horehound和Marshmallow,以美味的麥盧卡蜂蜜為基礎。這些草藥天然具有防腐作用,可舒緩呼吸道的刺激。有助於輕鬆呼吸。


    口味很棒,適合全家人。 100%天然糖漿。 BioGro認證的有機配方。從業者力量表述。














  • Each 1ml Contains Extracts Equivalent to:

    Mullein leaf (organic) 30mg 
    Elecampane root (organic) 30mg 
    White Horehound herb(organic) 27.5mg 
    Marshmallow root (organic) 11mg 

    With Manuka Honey, organic apple juice concentrate, apple cider vinegar, ascorbic acid and natural orange and lemon flavour.                               

    Contains no: Artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. 

    No Added: Gluten, yeast or dairy derivatives. 

    Suitable for vegetarians. 

    Contains alcohol.

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