• Support eye health
  • Juicy blueberry flavour
  • Pectin fruit based
  • Vegan friendly


The Good Vitamin Co. Ltd Kids Good Bilberry + Lutein Eye Health is uniquely formulated with natural pectin to support healthy digestion from the goodness of fibre and stable glucose levels for balanced energy throughout the day, it has been formulated to help support kids’ eyesight & macular health in today’s lifestyle surrounded by smartphones, tablets and computers, and help them maintain their eye health for life.


Olly, the Owl, known as Ruru/Morepork is the only native owl in New Zealand. He watches over our native forest with eyes that are adapted for low light and darkness. Olly knows the importance of keeping his eyes healthy, which is why he takes Bilberry and Lutein, plus with added Zeaxanthin and B-carotene to support his eyesight and macular health.


Made in New Zealand


The Good Vitamin Co - Kids Bilberry 90s 兒童藍莓軟糖

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    • 支持眼睛健康
    • 多汁的藍莓味
    • 果膠類水果
    • 素食主義者

    佳維生素有限公司(Kids Good Bilberry + Lutein Eye Health)採用天然果膠獨特配方,可從纖維的良性和穩定的葡萄糖水平中支持健康的消化,全天保持均衡的能量,旨在幫助孩子保持視力和健康。在當今生活方式中,黃斑健康被智能手機,平板電腦和計算機所包圍,並幫助他們終生保持眼睛健康。


    貓頭鷹Olly,被稱為Ruru / Morepork,是新西蘭唯一的本地貓頭鷹。他用適合弱光和黑暗的眼睛看著我們的原始森林。 Olly知道保持眼睛健康的重要性,這就是為什麼他服用Bilberry和葉黃素,以及加入玉米黃質和B-胡蘿蔔素以維持視力和黃斑健康的原因。



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