Strawberry Smoothie Flavoured
Lactose Intolerance Friendly

Spending lots of time indoors on screens when it’s raining or dark outside is fun sometimes, but it can also lead to a bad case of boredom and a deficiency in Vitamin D - the vitamin we gain from being out in the sunshine! Rainy days getting your kids down? Now they can have that burst of daylight into their systems to keep them healthy, while also supporting strong bones for playtime and growing! Our calcium is dairy-free, meaning kids who are lactose intolerant can also enjoy.

 There’s so much to benefit from giving your children a safe supplement that is all natural and deliciously chewable! Way to go, Mum & Dad!

Made in New Zealand

Each Soft-Chew Contains:
Calcium (Calcium Hydrophosphate): 100mg
Vitamin D: 2.5mcg

The Good Vitamin Co Kids Calcium+VitD 90 Soft Chews 兒童鈣+維他命d軟糖

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    • 支持孩子的骨骼和牙齒發育
    • 維生素D有助於增加鈣的吸收
    • 天然草莓奶昔味
    • 素食主義者
    • 乳糖不耐症

    Good Vitamin Co.Ltd Kids Good Calci + Vita-D Strong Bone採用天然果膠獨特配方,可從纖維的良性和穩定的葡萄糖水平支持健康消化,全天保持均衡能量,將支持孩子的骨骼和牙齒發育,幫助他們一生變得更健康,更強壯。