• Provide essential nutrients for daily health & wellbeing
  • Natural wild raspberry flavour
  • Vegan friendly


The Good Vitamin Co. Ltd Kids Good Multi Everyday Wellness is uniquely formulated with natural pectin to support healthy digestion from the goodness of fibre and stable glucose levels for balanced energy throughout the day, it will support to improve kids' overall health and wellness, and help them grow stronger for life!


Tess, the Tui is the treasured native bird of our lands! singing in the trees from dawn till dusk, she is the loudest of all birds. To maintain her energy & protect her vibrant feathers, Tess believes the power of our Multi-Vitamin formulation is just what she needs for good health and long-lasting energy!


Made in New Zealand


The Good Vitamin Co - Kids Multi Vitamins 90s 兒童多種維他命軟糖

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    • 提供必要的營養以促進日常健康
    • 天然野生樹莓味
    • 素食主義者

    Good Vitamin Co.Ltd Kids Good Multi Everyday Wellness由天然果膠獨特配方製成,可從纖維的健康和穩定的葡萄糖水平中支持健康的消化,全天保持平衡的能量,它將有助於改善孩子的整體健康狀況,並幫助他們一生變得更強壯!





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