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Kids get into everything, and want to go everywhere! Sometimes their active lifestyle can cause them to get sick when their immunity tank empties, but luckily, there is a magic pill for that! Our Vita-C + Zinc supplements are full of vitality and natural goodies to support your children’s immune response to unfamiliar germs, so that means less time spent sick in bed - and more time out at play! Don’t let a cold stop your children from getting out there and socialising with their buddies!

There’s so much to benefit from giving your children a safe supplement that is all natural and deliciously chewable! Way to go, Mum & Dad!
Made in New Zealand

Each Soft-Chew Contains:
Vitamin C (as L-Ascorbic Acid): 60mg
Zinc (as Zinc Citrate): 3mg

The Good Vitamin Co Kids Vitamin C 90 Soft Chews 兒童維他命C軟糖

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    • 支持孩子的免疫力
    • 天然熱帶菠蘿味
    • 素食主義者

    Good Vitamin Co.Ltd Kids Good Vita-c + Zinc Immunity採用天然果膠獨特配製而成,可從纖維的良性和穩定的葡萄糖水平支持健康的消化,全天保持平衡的能量,它將支持孩子的免疫力並幫助他們成長生活更強大!