If your stomach is causing you trouble, it may be time to look at restoring some balance to your gut bacteria. Maintaining a healthy balance of flora in your stomach is so important for supporting your digestion - and overall health! Our Good Probiotics contain Lactospore®, a scientifically validated probiotic that is designed to balance your gut’s resident microbiota population - in short - it can help to make your stomach feel a ton better. Coupled with Lactobacillus DDS®-1, this probiotic supports the re-balance of your gut’s natural healthy state.There’s so much to benefit from taking a safe, natural supplement that supports your digestive health and is deliciously chewable as well!Made in New ZealandEach Soft-Chew Contains:LactoSpore®: 500 millionLactobacillus DDS®-1: 500 millionPrebiotic (Inulin): 10mg

The Good Vitamin Co Probiotics 60 Soft Chews 成人益生菌軟糖60粒

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